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King Albert Rossier
Albert Rossier
Biographical Information
Born: November 18, 1205
Birthplace: Ukonian hidden society
Phyisical Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Family Information
Family: None
Kingdom: Ukon
Province: Province
Weapon(s): Weapon(s)
Occupation: King

I am King Albert Rossier of the Kingdom of Ukon. I'm your fair and peaceful king, I trust my people and allow them to be free with limited restrictions. You may send me letters here but, be aware the letters will be inspected for poison and anyone who sends me a message meant to cause harm will be executed.

Ukon I am your King!

Early LifeEdit

Albert Rossier was born in the Ukon hidden society after the fall of the empire at the hands of the Dandra army. His parents lived a poverty striken life, in the small hidden area. The problem only grew worse after his birth. As a plague moved through the society his mother died as she was rather sickly even befire the plague arrived. And his father grew weary as he was effected by the plague as well. As the years progressed Albert took care of his father who was growing sicker by the day. After his father passed away Albert was left in the care of the couple who lived in a tent next to his former home. They were as wealthy as someone could be in such an enviroment, and took very good care of Albert. They treated him as his own son and bought him everything he could want. But as Albert grew older he never could forget the day he watched his father pass awway as he gave him his last sip of Catnip Tea. The last words his father uttered o his son were "You'll be sure to make me and your mother proud son". Those words echoed through Rossier's mind everyday he sits on his throne.